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Woodfold Accordion Doors

Woodfold Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are popular choices with both homeowners and commercial outlets seeking to maximize space. An accordion door allows you to partition rooms and close off closets and other spaces without having to build a wall or install swinging doors.

At Specialty Doors and Hardware, we have woodfold accordion doors, which provide value for your money. These doors are available alongside our selection of barn door tracks and other accessories for your interior design needs.

Our Woodfold Accordion Doors

If you’re thinking about installing aesthetically appealing rustic barn doors or are considering an accordion door, we can supply you with the appropriate hardware. Here are some of the Woodfold doors we have in our inventory:

  • Woodfold 140 Accordion Door

This door is available in a width of up to 8'0" and a height of 8'1". It's, therefore, suitable for installation as a closet door or small room divider in homes and apartments.

The panels are 4¼” wide by ¼” thick and are available in hardwood veneer and vinyl-lam. We have a wide range of panel colors you can choose from, including white, tan, chalk, black, natural oak, and mahogany. This makes it easy to find a door that matches your home’s décor. The panel connectors are made with flexible vinyl and are color-coordinated with the panels for a seamless look.

The track with this hardware is available in dark bronze, aluminum, gold, and clear finish. Our Woodfold 140 comes as a single door.

  • Woodfold 220 Accordion Door

The Woodfold 220 has vinyl-lam, and hardwood veneer faces installed on its front and back. This makes it a perfect room divider. It has nylon wheels on a Lexan axle for noiseless operation. The handle attached to the first panel is full-length sweptwing and matches colors with the panel connectors.

This door series is built to last and is suitable for both residential and commercial use. Its maximum height is 8'1", and width 8’0”.

  • Woodfold 240 Accordion Door

Unlike the 140 and 220 series, this Woodfold door has key lock options. For vinyl-lam panel faces, you can get up to 12’1” in height. Doors in this series with hardwood faces are limited to a height of 10’1”.

This door is customizable to any width, making it versatile and suitable for larger rooms and spaces in offices, homes, or industrial settings.

  • Woodfold 2100 Accordion Door

If you want to shop for an accordion door with heavy-duty hardware, the 2100 series is a good fit for you. It’s an excellent investment when you want to divide large spaces such as classrooms.

This door is great for noise reduction, thanks to a sound gasket fitted in the interlocking jamb molding. It also has an acoustical sealed track, which also locks out sound and reduces heat loss between spaces. The 2100 series has a field sound transmission class rating of 21.

You can get a height of up to 10'1," and 12'2" for vinyl-lam panel faces for hardwoods. The width is customizable to your specifications.

Second to None Door Hardware

Are you searching for a sliding door hardware kit or barn door handles? Perhaps need barn door pulls? We are your one-stop-shop for reliable barn door hardware and woodfold accordion doors, with our wide selection satisfying different needs and budgets. Contact Specialty Doors and Hardware to discover our products and services: 1-866-815-8151.

Woodfold Accordion Doors
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Woodfold Accordion Doors
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