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Windows And Siding Kansas City

Old, dilapidated windows and a damaged siding are not only unsightly. They may also cause issues with your interior walls and foundation and make your home exposed to elements such as hail, snow, and ice that may result in further damage to your house. As such, you should have your siding and windows fixed as soon as possible by a reputable company such as Integrity Roofing. Hiring experts like us who install both windows and siding in Kansas City makes the entire process fast and convenient. 

Why We Recommend You Replace Your Siding and Windows at the Same Time

Our clients often ask whether they should have their siding and window replacement in KS, MO, at the same time. Surprisingly, the ideal way to go about this remodeling process is to replace the siding and windows at once. And here’s why our Kansas City siding contractors recommend it:

  • Accurate Capping

The window replacement process entails putting a moisture barrier under your frame. This extends all the way to the siding, meaning our Kansas window installers will need to cut into the siding. When the siding and windows are installed simultaneously, there are higher chances of guaranteeing your windows have a better seal, thus making your house more energy-efficient. Moreover, it will result in a clean job.

  • You Only Need One Contractor

One main advantage of hiring one credible company such as Integrity Roofers to install your siding and windows is that you get to deal with only one contractor. The contractor will be able to use products that coordinate well because they’re experienced in that line of work. Also, you won’t have to manage schedules for different companies, which can be hectic, and neither will you bother to look for ‘window and siding installation contractors near me,’ to work on your house.

  • Any Window and Siding Leak Damage will be Discovered and Repaired

You may have noticed that you have leaking windows. What you might not know, however, is the extent of damage to your house. While getting replacement windows in Kansas City will sort out the leaks, the existing damage will still remain. But when the siding is also replaced, removing the old siding will allow the contractor to see and repair the damage caused by the leaks.

  • A More Consistent Look

Picture this—you only get new windows from our Kansas City window installers, yet your siding is peeling and flaking. The result would be a contrasting look that will do little for your curb appeal. Having your siding and windows installed at the same time will ensure your home has a consistent and attractive finish.

For All Your Siding and Window Needs

Is your house in need of improvement? We can fix that. We have the finest windows and siding in Kansas City that are energy-smart, look great, and will keep your home comfortable and aesthetically appealing all year long. We'll give your home an entirely different look without having to get another address. You can get in touch with us for a free quote on MO- 816-353-7663, KS- 913-671-7663, WARRENSBURG- 660-422-7663.

Windows And Siding Kansas City
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