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Leaking Basement Burnaby

Leaking Basement Burnaby

If you have a leaky basement, it is not a matter to take lightly; a leaky basement is not just a matter of inconvenience! Removing the water and moisture from your basement is crucial to the overall health of you and your family, as water and moisture in your foundation lead to mold, mildew, and rot. We encourage you to take steps to protect your family's health. If you have a leaking basement in Burnaby, contact Fraser Valley Concrete Services today. We'll come to your home or establishment, assess your situation, and explain your options to you with a rough quote. Please note, we cannot give you an actual quote until we know the services and materials you require.

Should I Hire a Company to How Fix My Leaking Basement in Burnaby?

There are many ways in which we can treat a leaky basement, but it will come down to your specific problem(s), your budget, and which services you want for your home or establishment. You should be aware that a leaky basement poses a severe health risk to your home's inhabitants, and it will ruin the floors and walls of your basement over time if left unchecked. Get an assessment and quote today.

If you do not have the tools, equipment, resources, knowledge, ability, or willpower to fix a leaky basement yourself, then you should hire a company like Fraser Valley Concrete Services. We can save you time, money, and stress, and make your home or establishment a happier, healthier place to inhabit.

DIY Fixes for a Leaky Basement

Of course, there are some things you can try yourself at home before calling a professional to assess your problem. For example, you may want to clear your gutters. Gutters are common contributors to leaky basements. Simply making sure your gutters are unclogged and free debris along making sure that your gutters are diverted away from the foundation of your house can potentially solve your problem. If need be, you may also choose to add gutter extensions.

Sometimes, the problem that is causing the leaky basement is cracks and openings surrounding your plumbing. You may choose to caulk these areas, although caulking usually isn't a permanent fix. Also, you'll want to make sure that this truly is your only problem before you start plugging holes, or else you will still have a leaky basement. Further, you should know that if your problem is with water coming through the floor joists, plugging won't do the trick!

More extensive DIY projects include restoring the crown of soil that your house sits on or reshape the landscape. You'll need to know what is causing your leaky basement before you undertake a more extensive project. Therefore, if you have a leaking basement in Burnaby, we advise that you contact Fraser Valley Concrete Services. We can identify your problem definitively, and we'll be glad to go over your options with you. Give us a call and schedule an on-site consultation today.

Leaking Basement Burnaby

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