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Commercial power washing Lima OH

Commercial power washing Lima OH

Power washing is an essential part of cleaning the house. It allows you to wash away those stubborn stains or molds that are growing on parts of your home. If you want to keep your home looking its best, you can hire Fitzgerald Painting & Powerwashing LIMA, OHIO. We are committed to providing you with the best services and will not stop until you are satisfied with our work.  

Professional Power Washing Services

When you choose a professional power washing service, you're choosing an experienced and skilled company that knows what it takes to make your home look its best. At Fitzgerald Painting & Powerwashing, we pride ourselves in providing our LIMA, OHIO clients with the best service. We are dedicated to saving you time and making your home look new.

We work using the best power washing and pressure washing equipment available and employ the most trustworthy and experienced experts. We value your business and want to provide you with a power washing experience that no company can beat. Let Fitzgerald Painting & Powerwashing, be your number one choice for LIMA, OHIO power washing services.

What Is The Full Cost Of Hiring A Professional Power Washer?

The cost of power washer services can vary depending on your needs. Your charges may increase if your home is dirty and large. The hours spent at the job, the cost of the crew employed to do the work, and the cost of the equipment and detergent will also determine the cost of hiring a professional power washer. 

However, you need to be upfront with any prospective power washing company about everything you need. Ask for a detailed, itemized price list that lays out the purpose of each charge. A good and reputable company will be delighted to explain their fee structure and won't hide behind sparse invoices or vague terms. 

How To Hire A Certified Power Washer 

When hiring a company to power wash your property, make sure they are certified power washing company. There are plenty of contractors and handymen out there who own a power washer company but are not certified. Also, check if the company has proper insurance. A certified power washer will have worker's compensation and liability insurance. This protects your property should any damage or accidents occur.

Also, look for reference and a check to see whether the company you're hiring is part of a professional organization like Fitzgerald Painting & Powerwashing. Making these essential checks will ensure that you get high-quality power washing service and that your property is protected from novices whose inexperience may cause permanent damage to your property.

Schedule Affordable Power Washing Services In Lima 

At Fitzgerald Painting & Powerwashing, we strive to offer professional power washer services to residents of Lima. We use certified personnel and effective cleaning solutions to get your home sparkling, like new. Our pricing is honest and reasonable. We don't hyper-deflate our prices to beat competitors, and we do not engage in price gouging. Contact us today for a quote.



Commercial power washing Lima OH
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