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foundation piering Kansas City

Does your home need foundation piering? If so, call PierMagic Foundation Specialists, the number one source for foundation piering in Kansas City! We provide reliable solutions to your foundation problems.

How is Foundation Piering Installed?

To install a steel pier, we will need to expose your foundation. We will then prepare the footing to receive the steel bracket, and set the bracket with anchors to cradle the foundation. Once a drive stand is attached, it will drive pier sections until they reach a stable surface, such as bedrock. The structure will then be lifted and stabilized. Once the pier has been installed, restoration is complete.

How do I Know if I Need Foundation Piering for my Home?

The best way to know for sure is to call a professional foundation repair company for a free consultation. To see if you should call, check by examining your home. Perhaps you notice your doors and windows don't open or shut the way they used to. Maybe you see your bricks are cracking. These are results of a foundation that has begun to settle, which happens to most homes over time. When you see these signs make sure to take action quickly. The sooner you know the different options available to you, the sooner you can resolve your problem and keep a more extensive issue from occurring.

How to Best Choose a Foundation Repair Company?

Unfortunately, finding the best foundation piering company in the Kansas City metropolitan area isn't as easy as a simple Google search. Not all foundation repair contractors are created equal! It is pervasive for said contractors to try to upsell clients on work they don't need. Choosing PierMagic Foundation Specialists is a safe choice. We provide free consultations and warranties on our work. If you are choosing someone else, be sure to receive multiple quotes for comparison.

What are the Benefits of Steel Piers for my Foundation Repair?

Shifting, sinking, and leaking foundations are always connected to an issue with the soil around your foundation. Foundation piering is a process of using structural steel piers to strengthen your house's foundation. At PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we use several different piering methods, depending on which is the most fitting for your situation. The goal is to provide continued settlement.

Steel piers are successful because they use the resistance of a stable surface, such as bedrock, to lift and stabilize your home. Meaning your home will be supported by bedrock and not by friction against the existing soil around your foundation. After all, this is what causes settlement to occur in the first place.

Steel piers provide consistent and reliable results. If your house is settling, why not fortify your home's foundation and strengthen its integrity with foundation piering? Each pier will be installed, and load tested individually, using the weight of your home as the reciprocal force.

Contact PierMagic Foundation Specialists to Learn More

Contact PierMagic Foundation Specialists today to learn more about foundation piering or underpinning for your Kansas City home! We are happy to discuss the foundation piering process with you or visit your home for a free foundation repair estimate. Give us a call or send us a message online.

Is Concrete Piering Worth the Cost?

Repairing is always a better option, cost-wise, compared with replacement. Our DynaPier system saves our customers a lot of money and is considered one of the most reliable methods of piering, If you have questions or are confused about piering options, we encourage you to reach out to our team from PierMagic Foundation Specialists. We'd love the opportunity to answer your questions, assess your project's needs, offer professional advice, and help you make the right decision regarding your concrete issues. Don't wait to call us- the sooner you have the work completed, the better you'll sleep at night.

Why Choose PierMagic Foundation Specialists?

If you've been researching concrete companies in your community, you know you have many options when hiring a contractor. Look to us for honest work that is guaranteed to last. The cost of piering is significant- make sure you see a high return on your investment by hiring our team at PierMagic Foundation Specialists. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our concrete piering services with no exclusions or exceptions. You want a permanent solution to concrete problems- we have the right solution at the best price. Call us to set up a meeting at your location.

When quality matters, choose a company that has faithfully served the community for many years- contact us today for a quick & easy quote.

foundation piering Kansas City
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