Drain Cleaning Oxnard

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Call Kenz Plumbing for professional drain cleaning in Oxnard. We specialize in any and all stoppages, from a one-inch line up to a forty-eight-inch line. As simple as drain cleaning is in theory, most people don't know what to expect when we go to their homes. Kenz Plumbing would like to shed some light on the drain cleaning process so you know what to expect.

Preventative Maintenance

It's not uncommon for a customer to experience roots in their lines. When a full-blown pipe repair or replacement project isn't viable, we can do some preventative maintenance to help clear the lines and help them from getting worse. In cases like these, we can run a snake through your lines, clear out some of the debris, and get the water flowing through your pipes again. This is a simple preventative process that usually only takes a couple of minutes. Our preventative maintenance drain cleaning services are minimally intrusive and minimally time-consuming.

We'll use an electric roto sewer cleaning machine to clear any sort of stoppage that may exist in the line. We'll run the machine through the entirety of your line and bring it back. Preventative maintenance is ideal for people with, say, a finished basement and they don't want to allow their drains to flood. With a camera that travels through your pipes, we can make sure your pipes are cleaned thoroughly.

Kenz Plumbing is Great for a Second Opinion

It's not uncommon for us to get calls from people looking for a second opinion. Sometimes, the first plumber that they call tells them that they have to undertake a massive project, dig up their yard, and replace everything! While it is true that in some cases a repair may be the only option, but often, such as large undertaking is not necessary. It seems as though many professional plumbers try to sell services that the client doesn't need.

Kenz Plumbing uses state-of-the-art equipment. For instance, in cases where there are a lot of roots in the lines, we have a gadget that spins and shreds all of the roots down to nothing. We have a camera that follows the gadget about a foot-and-a-half behind so we see where the gadget is and control its movements, ensuring that a comprehensive job is done. It's almost like a video game. We can chop the roots and move to the next section, then repeat until the roots are all gone.

Call Kenz Plumbing for the Best Drain Cleaning Oxnard

Kenz Plumbing only hires perfectionists, as our ownership is comprised of perfectionists, the standard of quality in our company is very high! Kenz Plumbing is known for working quickly, but this doesn't mean sacrificing quality. We'll take our time and get the job done right. The most important thing is that the job is done right. We can save you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars, in many cases.

Drain Cleaning Oxnard